“Kim Kardashian is getting in on The Male Nanny Revolution” 

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Male role models outside the traditional family roles of father, grandfather, or perhaps favourite uncle have been limited to fairly specific contexts, such as a tennis or football coach who teaches children about hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. Alternatively, it could be an inspirational teacher who encourages reaching for your dreams and believes that fulfilment can be found down varied paths, akin to Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society. These norms are changing, though, with the advent of the male nanny—the manny!

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More than a Part-time Presence.

Kim Kardashian recently shattered conventions by revealing she hired a "manny" for her sons after her divorce from Kanye West. The Kardashian family structure, predominantly led by women, prompted Kim to seek a male companion for her son, Saint, to participate as a role model in his daily life. This bold decision goes far beyond the concept of the part-time sports coach or a teacher the child sees once or twice per week; the manny is embedded in the fabric of the family to show an example of good behaviour. They participate, engage, and create meaningful connections with the children. It's a strong and respectful male presence that goes well beyond traditional stereotypes.

Hiring a manny is a statement in favour of diverse parenting models and versatility in child-rearing. Today's mannies contribute to breaking gender stereotypes, inspiring confidence, promoting physical activity, and being respectful and caring figures.

In Conclusion

The trend of male nannies is also gaining popularity in the United Kingdom and Monaco. If your family would like to join this movement to break stereotypes and provide your children with a versatile mentor contributing to their overall growth and development, contact us at Platinum Nanny, and we’ll guide you to the right manny for your family.

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