Choosing the Right Nanny Family : How Will You Know It’s The Right One? 


At Platinum Nanny we are all about facilitating the right match between the candidate and the family. As much as the nanny family is selecting you for your personality, work ethic, and cultural fit, you also, should be seeking to identify if the family you are interviewing with is right for you.

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It is the true that even the kindest and most generous families might not necessarily provide the right work environment for you. Platinum Nanny consultants support and coach our candidates throughout the entire process making sure that you have all the right information and finer details about the role. We ask questions, negotiate salary, perks, contract clauses, and conditions of work. We know that working closely together in an intimate family environment is delicate and that spending extended periods of time requires synergy between the parties to work smoothly. We continue to be on call way beyond the recruitment process to resolve any initial teething issues because finding the right position with the right family is essential. So, what is it that you should be weighing up when you are considering if the family is the right fit for you?

First Impressions Count

When you first meet anybody, you unconsciously go through a process of internally sizing up that person or people based on your personal likes, dislikes, and biases. Whether we like it or not it is a fact. You will also be looking for signs of how they treat you and the other people around them, do they smile, are they friendly, what kinds of questions do they ask you, what do they tell you about the role and the duties? Does it match what the consultant has told you? Do you hear anything which might be a dealbreaker for you? Many of our initial interviews at this time are being held on Zoom and despite being a great platform that facilitates the recruitment process, it can be argued that it doesn’t give us the same ability to really get that true first impression when compared to an in-person interview. This is one reason why we consider our trials at Platinum Nanny to be so important.


Following on from first impressions, it is important to assess if you can connect with the family on a deeper level. An employer/employee relationship requires trust and respect from both sides. Are you able to cope in an environment where personalities might be strong or weak? Can you have a conversation with the parents? Do you think that you will be able to bring up important issues and resolve them together? Can you identify if they are on the same page or open to your suggestions on childcare, routines, and nutrition? Do you feel that they will support you and back you up in co-parenting and sole care of their children? Connecting with the children is normally not as big a concern as with the adults as professional nannies are used to quickly making bonds and establishing a fun and positive relationship with the children.

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Being compatible with the family requires a deep dive into whether you have the same or similar parenting ideologies, if you are happy to spend 3 months per year on a yacht, or if you are ready to work every weekend and have weekdays off instead. If you are allergic to animals for example, you might not be compatible with a family whose children compete in gymkhanas every weekend or, if you have dependants of your own you might not be the best person for the job with a family who require you to travel with them every school holiday. Compatibility is crucial when choosing the right nanny family, even the simplest questions such as your role as a nanny and what that looks like in terms of duties and responsibilities to you and to them must be agreed on. Exploring this upfront is helpful as you navigate your decision-making process. Always be willing to negotiate with a family on certain aspects. For example, a family might like a nanny to cook the family’s meals from time to time as well as the children’s meals. Sharing your thoughts and concerns and exploring if there is any room for compromise or firmly establishing expectations may lead to other solutions or agreements that work for both parties.


Being comfortable in your surroundings and feeling at ease around your employers in their home is key. Discreet is a word which employers often use to describe their perfect employee, knowing when to jump in and when to withdraw to allow the family to be together. This is just a matter of professionalism and should not impact your comfort levels. Comfort is also considering your feelings toward the family’s lifestyle, their parenting style, and the way they run their home. If you are a planning and organising guru, you might not feel comfortable with a family who is always constantly in a rush, unless of course the parents are looking to you to implement a more structured program and will stick with it. Comfort also relates to how you get on with other staff in fully staffed homes. If you have serious allergies and are expected to work long hours will the private chef be taking care of your dietary needs? Consider your genuine thoughts on how you will fit into this environment before accepting the position.


Intuition or gut feeling is the most critical of all. Many of our candidates report having a good feeling when speaking to the families and some know immediately that it is just not right. Trust your gut. Do a trial, consider the first impressions, the connection, the compatibility, your comfort levels, and then listen to what your intuition is telling you. Discuss it with your consultant, family, and friends and then when you make your decision you will know that you have thoroughly examined all aspects the role in line with your own expectations and needs.

And if you decide this family isn’t right for you, well that’s ok too. Platinum Nanny will support our candidates either way and will facilitate introductions to other families that might be a better match.

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Our goal is for both parties to be confident and happy with their choices and strive to find the perfect match.

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