The Brain Boosting Benefits of Reading to Babies and Children

A child’s development is based on multiple factors. While food, nutrition, a healthy environment, and activities play an important role in boosting a child's brain, one cannot deny books' importance. And you might be surprised to know that books play a crucial role in children's cognitive and language development and expand their vocabulary. If you want to make a child smart and boost his mental capabilities, you have to make book reading a habit and other different activities and games. There's a reason 'Books are a man's best friend' is a well-known phrase. The qualities that book reading instills in children have so much importance in later life when such children begin to go to school, and the benefits do not stop there. A child who had their parent read bedtime stories to them are often the ones who are more successful and creative in later years of their lives.

Here are a few reasons why reading to your babies and children is crucial:

brainy baby reading

1. Development of language and vocabulary

Children, no matter to what age category they belong, are very observant and smart. They pay attention to every tiny detail around them. Some may think that it is no use reading books to children since they are unable to understand. Still, it has been proven that when you read children's bedtime stories and other books, in particular, children develop creative skills and pick-up words, thus improving their vocabulary. In addition to this, children who have their parents or caregivers read to them also start to speak at an earlier age than other kids. When you start reading to your baby, you will have an interactive time together. And soon, he will interact with you in the same way. It allows the child to pick up new words. As a result, there is an improvement in his language and vocabulary.

2. Improves imagination

Books open the world of imagination for children. When you read the word 'apple,' kids begin to understand and comprehend the world. Their minds begin to piece the information they are receiving to form a blurred picture of round red apple in their brain which with repetition and consistency becomes clear and sharp and their confidence and knowledge grows. And their imagination does not stop there. It goes past the red apple and opens up a whole new world of creativeness, imagination and fantasy for them, all thanks to books.

Boy with illustrated Aeroplane

3. Improves emotional bonding

Multiple studies prove that reading can help you strengthen your relationship with your child strengthening their emotional and psychological development. Instilling a sense of security reading to a child helps to establish a routine and they will look forward to spending the time with you. Fictional stories are a great way to approach emotions and challenges that a child might have to face in the real world. Using these stories to talk through different scenarios with children can help them to negotiate difficult situations so that if they are even to face a similar situation, they will be more prepared. These children who have been read to tend to be more assertive and confident when they grow up.

Reading is all about sharing knowledge. It helps children understand the world around them in a creative way. It helps children and parents’ bond, and above all, it opens the world of creativeness and make-believe for kids. These benefits make a clear case for making reading to your child part of your everyday routine.

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