The Advantages of Bilingualism and How a Bilingual Nanny can Help

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If you want your child to learn a second, or even third language, hiring a bilingual nanny may be the perfect solution for you. There are innumerable cognitive, social, economic, and educational advantages that arise from learning a new language, and experts agree that it is best to start as young as possible. As a result, hiring a bilingual nanny can do wonders for a child and have long-lasting benefits.


What are some of the advantages of learning a new language?

While some parents worry that a child learning a new language too young will have a negative effect on their skills and abilities in their native language, the opposite is in fact true. Children will not struggle with language confusion, slower learning and diminished cognitive skills but will develop their critical thinking, problem solving, and communication abilities. Having to learn, memorize, and practice words in multiple languages will present academic benefits and help improve memory, logic, attention span, multitasking skills and more. These are all valuable assets to have in life and could prove advantageous when competing for jobs and higher education positions.

What is the best way to learn a new language?

While there is no perfect way to learn a language as each individual is different and presents varied skills, full immersion in a foreign language does have experts agreeing on its effectiveness. An immersion program in school will have children spending half of their lessons learning in a foreign language which has been proven to be an effective method. However, not everyone has access to these types of schools and immersion programs, and this is where hiring a bilingual nanny can prove highly beneficial.

A bilingual nanny will speak their native language naturally when in presence of your child, resulting in a more casual and conversational learning experience. Children will learn day to day phrases that are useful to them and will focus less on grammar and set phrases that they would study and repeat in school. This will result in your child being able to have day to day conversations in their new language and associate words with experiences, rather than textbooks and exercises. Learning a new language with the help of a bilingual nanny will occur at all times, not only in the home. Your child will learn new words with every outing and will eventually be able to make full sentences while associating this new vocabulary with wonderful memories.

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When is it best to start learning a new language?

 Experts agree that starting as early as possible is best. A child who grows up with a bilingual nanny from a very young age can learn the nuances of the language much earlier which can help language acquisition. The approach taken by a bilingual nanny is akin to learning a language as a ‘mother tongue’ especially if the nanny is full time and assigned to speak the chosen language to the child consistently at playtimes, mealtimes, bedtimes and more, depending on your schedule. Learning through these interactions is much easier and enjoyable for children than sitting through language classes in school. Being in a familiar setting only helps the child feel comfortable and build their confidence in the new language. You will be astonished at the speed at which your child will learn new vocabulary and start to understand and carry out requests in the new language.

What are the cultural advantages of hiring a bilingual nanny?

When learning a new language, one will often discover and learn about new cultures as these go hand in hand. Your bilingual nanny will be able to teach your child about different traditions, stories, practices, arts, music from their home country and so much more. Children are naturally curious and giving them the opportunity to explore a new culture at a young age can help them be open-minded later in life. New perspectives and opportunities will scare them less and could lead to exciting educational and career options abroad. Travelling abroad will also be more fulfilling and enjoyable if you speak the local language as you will be able to interact with locals in a more natural way. Having access to these opportunities as an adult simply by having a bilingual nanny as a child is enough to convince many, but there are even more advantages.

What are the economic benefits of hiring a bilingual nanny?

When looking for childcare, consider hiring a bilingual nanny. As you’re paying for childcare, why not get bilingual care at the same time! This will benefit you in the long term as you will save on expensive language programs, schools and abroad experiences later on in life. Your child will have a better grasp of the language early on and will save hours of tutors and struggles they would experience if learning at a later stage in life.


There are many benefits to being multilingual and hiring a bilingual nanny presents clear advantages for every party involved. Not only can hiring a bilingual nanny be an excellent educational choice for your child, but it also opens the door to an international future. So why wait until your child is old enough to attend an immersion program and miss out on the short window of opportunity where a child’s brain is more receptive to learning a second language and consider hiring a bilingual nanny.

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